Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top Recruited Occupations are Similar Across Oregon's Metro Areas

The hiring spree Oregon employers are on has spread out from the Portland area to the smaller metropolitan areas such as Bend, Medford, and Salem. The need for workers in these areas is growing across a wide range of occupations, according to the types of job openings employers are advertising for online.

Job seekers not fitting the mold of these top recruited positions should not feel discouraged by the limited lists. Employers are advertising for plenty of other occupations too. Help wanted ads could be found for 764 different occupations statewide in January, 676 in the Portland area, 416 in Eugene, 361 in Salem, 346 in Bend, 344 in Medford, and 280 in Corvallis, and 467 in the non-metro areas of the state. 

For more information on help wanted ads, see Nick Beleiciks' full article at

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