Monday, April 14, 2014

Oregon Job Vacancies Increased by 10,000 Over the Year

Oregon businesses reported 10,000 more job vacancies early in 2014 than they did the prior year. Businesses had approximately 32,700 job vacancies in the winter months of 2014, according to a Job Vacancy Survey recently completed by our department. 

The survey also shows that employers are having more difficulty finding the workers they need.  About half of vacancies in winter 2014 were considered by employers to be difficult to fill, an increase over the winter 2013 share of 39 percent.  

While employers reported having more difficulty finding the right workers, the average wage offered in winter 2014 was $0.74 higher than in winter 2013.  It is possible that these higher wages are being offered to attract more applicants for vacant positions.

The takeaway from this most recent vacancy survey is that job seekers have more opportunities, and that these opportunities, on average, pay more.  

Read more about job vacancies in Oregon in our full report.

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