Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Reports Shine Light on Job Vacancies Around the State

During 2013, Oregon’s private employers were looking to fill about 32,000 job vacancies at any given time, according to new annual figures from the Oregon Employment Department’s Job Vacancy Survey. The Job Vacancy Survey provides a snapshot of the labor market job seekers face. 

More than 400 occupations statewide had vacancies in 2013. The top 25 occupations shown in the table represent nearly half (46%) of the total. Four occupations had more than 1,000 vacancies each: personal care aides, farmworkers and laborers, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, and customer service representatives.

Wages offered for job vacancies varied widely depending on the education requirement. Vacancies that did not require education beyond high school offered an average hourly wage below $12.00 per hour, compared with average hourly wages of $24.01 per hour for vacancies that required an associate degree, $26.03 per hour for a bachelor’s degree, and $33.22 for a graduate degree. 

For a more in-depth look at job vacancies in Oregon, see Jessica Nelson's full report at QualityInfo.orgFor a report on your regional area, click one of the following: Southwest OregonCentral OregonEastern OregonPortland Tri-CountyNorthwest Oregon/Willamette Valley.

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