Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oregon Had 32,300 Job Vacancies in Fall 2013

This morning the Oregon Employment Department released the latest job vacancy survey findings. Oregon's private-sector employers reported 32,300 job vacancies in the fall of 2013. The number of vacancies has increased incrementally each fall since 2010.

In October 2013, the rwere 133,100 unemployed Oregonians, or roughly four unemployed people for each private-sector vacancy. The unemployed to job vacancy ratio has improved over the past few years. In the fall of 2012, Oregon had five unemployed persons for each vacancy, while in the fall of 2011 the ratio was six unemployed persons per vacancy.

Employers consistently report that most of their vacancies are for full-time, permanent positions. More than half of employers reported that their vacancies were difficult to fill. Major reasons included unfavorable working conditions, a lack of qualified candidates, a lack of applicants for jobs, and a lack of work experience among applicants.

You can find more information by visiting and selecting the "Quarterly Job Vacancies Snapshots" from the publications page.

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