Friday, May 10, 2013

Clean Jobs and Cycling

A story from Sustainable Business Oregon reports that Oregon continues to outpace all other states in terms of "clean" jobs. The Denver-based Ecotech Institute gave Oregon the top ranking in its Clean Jobs Index. The index considers renewable energy consumption, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects, and alternative fueling stations, among other factors in rating each state. With an index score of 2.84, Oregon edged out Washington (2.62) for the top "clean jobs" spot nationwide.

Keeping with the green theme, an article in The Oregonian shares findings from the Oregon Bicycle Travel Survey conducted by Dean Runyon Associates. This survey marks the first time the state has put numbers to spending on organized cycling events, races, and other non-commuting cycling trips. According to the survey, recreational bicycle travel accounts for $400 million of Oregon's $9 billion tourism industry.

Recreational cyclists are mostly from Oregon (67%), Washington (10%), and California (8%). They spend an average of $94 per day at restaurants and bars, and $81 per day on accommodations. The Oregonian notes that the impact is particularly large in the Columbia Gorge and Hood River area, where cycling accounts for 15 percent of all recreational travel.

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