Monday, April 15, 2013

Oregon had 22,900 Job Vacancies in the Winter

Oregon’s private employers had approximately 22,900 job vacancies during winter 2013, according to a Job Vacancy Survey recently completed by the Oregon Employment Department. During the same month there were 181,100 unemployed Oregonians, or roughly eight unemployed people for each vacancy.
Of the 22,900 vacancies, approximately 73 percent were full-time positions and 83 percent were permanent positions. The health care and social assistance industry accounted for 3,900, or 17 percent, of the vacancies. The management, administrative, and waste services industry -- which includes company headquarters and temporary staffing agencies, among other businesses -- accounted for almost 3,200 vacancies.

Almost half of the vacancies were in the Portland Tri-County area, which had 10,706 vacancies, or 47 percent of the statewide total – a percentage roughly equivalent to the area’s share of total employment.

For more information about Oregon's job vacancies in the winter, check out the report by Employment Economist Jessica Nelson.

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