Monday, April 8, 2013

Lane County Tourism and Recreation Attendants Across the State

With winter behind us (at least according to the calendar) and summer approaching, an article in The Register-Guard reports on summer tourism in Lane County. According to the article, track will be a boost to tourism this year with the NCAA track and field championships in Eugene this June. Along with the various outdoor recreation activities available in Lane County, the article also mentions "a growing food tourism market" in Eugene, with the presence of local wineries and breweries that help attract people to the area.

On a similar note, tourism is often supported by amusement and recreation attendants. Attendants can schedule the use of recreational facilities, maintain and provide equipment to participants of sporting events or recreation pursuits, or operate amusement concessions and rides. In 2011, roughly 2,860 of these attendants were employed in Oregon, with the most jobs located in Multnomah and Washington counties. 

For more information about amusement and recreation attendants, check out the full article written by Kim Thompson.

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