Monday, March 4, 2013

Men's and Women's Employment and Earnings in Oregon

Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released information about women's earnings in Oregon in 2011. According to the BLS, women working full time in Oregon had median weekly earnings of $701. That's 80 percent of the $877 median weekly earnings for men working full time in the state. Nationwide, median weekly earnings for women working full time totaled $684, or 82 percent of the $832 median earnings for men.

On a related note, our office recently pulled together employment information by industry and gender in Oregon. During 2011, men's share of the workforce (51%) edged out women's (49%). Some industries showed less of an even split in terms of employment by gender. Sectors with large shares of female workers included health care and social assistance, along with educational services. Male-dominated industries included construction, manufacturing, and utilities, among others.
You can find more employment information by gender and industry on the Quarterly Workforce Indicators page at

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