Friday, February 15, 2013

Portland Tech Renaissance Brings Good News for Software Developers

Today an article from The Oregonian reports that Oregon has long been an outpost for Silicon Valley companies, and Portland may be experiencing an uptick in the demand for software developers. Some companies located to the north or south hire Portland-based developers to work remotely for their firms.

The article notes that the current hiring trend plays favorably for those working in the occupation, but less so for local startups and software businesses. Some local companies seem to be having trouble finding the workers they need. Records from the Oregon University System show that 278 bachelor's degrees were awarded in computer science last year. That's just two more computer science degrees than were awarded 10 years prior.

Portland's software industry remains relatively small compared with Seattle or the Bay Area in California, but hiring software developers in Oregon comes with a relatively smaller price tag. Here are a few stats that we dug up on wages and employment for software developers along the West Coast:

You can find more information on Portland's "tech renaissance" in The Oregonian's full story.

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