Friday, December 28, 2012

Business Startups and Expansions

In the spirit of celebrating the new year, we've summarized a few recent stories on new companies, as well as new business opportunities.

Wikisway, a Portland-based startup, is a website that organizes information about tech companies and shows users how these businesses are connected to other groups. Wikisway plans to expand their site in 2013 and offer more data on entertainment, sports, and other content. Founder Huston Hedinger says Wikisway makes "the process of understanding information easier." The site is currently in the beta testing phase, and ways to attract revenue are still being explored. Read more about Wikisway in the full article, published by The Oregonian.

Another piece by The Oregonian reports on California-based MetroMile, a new company that offers pay-as-you-go car insurance. MetroMile just launched their service in Portland, and it works like this: customers pay a base monthly fee plus a mileage-based fee, which is calculated by a tool that gathers real-time data from your car's on-board diagnostics and cell phone networks. Rates vary based on location, vehicle type, driving record, and age, but usually fall between 3 and 6 cents per mile. The company claims that low-mileage drivers could save between 20 to 50 percent on auto insurance, with the added bonus of having online access to driving stats that could help customers better understand their driving habits. Get more details in the full article.

Turning to business expansions, the Capital Press reports that Oregon potato farmers may see international sales rise next year as Vietnam increases its imports of Oregon-grown spuds. The country has opened its doors to Oregon products in recent years as food safety issues in China have grown. Mexico is currently Oregon's top export market for potatoes, with $8 million in sales each year. You can find out more in the full article.

Another Oregon-based firm is also seeing growth: Dave's Killer Bread will expand in 2013 with the help of investment from Goode Partners. The bread company currently distributes its products across 11 western states; most recently, Southern California, Hawaii, and Colorado. The Statesman Journal has the full story.

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