Monday, September 17, 2012

Top Workplaces and the Economic Impacts of Brew Fest

We love surveys here in the Oregon Employment Department's Research Division, so it's no surprise that a couple of survey-related stories caught our attention today:

According to The Oregonian, nearly half of the businesses on the newspaper's Top Workplaces survey list will hire over the next year. The survey aimed to find out which companies are among the best places to work, asking employees about topics ranging from their employers' recruitment style to benefit offerings. Here are some additional highlights on Oregon's top workplaces from the survey results:
  • Employers look for candidates with a positive attitude, as well as the right skill set.
  • Well-received (though uncommon) on-the-job perks include paid volunteer time, well-stocked breakrooms, and employee outings.
  • Employees place high importance on being recognized for their accomplishments and feeling valued by management, as well as having the ability to keep a flexible and balanced work schedule.
  • Attributes that top employers have in common include: great benefits; strong ethics; solid communication; supportive management; comprehensive training; and encouragement of new ideas.
The article includes the full list of the Oregon's Top Workplaces in 2012.

In other news, surveys conducted by Eastern Oregon University were used to determine the economic impact of Portland's 2012 Oregon Brewers Festival. Data was generated from 680 interviews conducted at the festival, plus some behind-the-scenes economic modeling. Results show that the festival brought in $30 million, most of which can be attributed to lodging revenues and food or beverage sales. Each year the event attracts about 80,000 people. Get more details on the impact of Brew Fest from The Oregonian.

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