Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Economic Stability of Oregon Families Rates Low Nationally

The Oregonian recently published an article summarizing the findings from a study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The results don't paint a rosy picture; Oregon fell into the bottom 10 states in terms of the economic stability of families.

The foundation calculates economic stability in Oregon based on four measures:
  • the share of children living in poverty (22%)
  • children living with parents who aren't securely employed (6%)
  • children living in households with high housing costs (45%)
  • teens who are neither working nor attending school (10%)

Oregon's ranking among all states worsened over the past few years for each metric. One bright spot was noted for the state: Oregon ranked 20th in children with health care.

More details are available in the full article from The Oregonian, or through the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Kids Count data center.

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