Friday, June 8, 2012

Oregon Among Top 10 States for Social Media Job Postings

A report from the organization Bullhorn Reach found that Oregon is among the most active states for posting jobs on social media. Oregon ranked 8th among all states for social recruiting activity. The top five states for posting jobs on social media sites were Maine, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. The bottom spots went to Montana, Nevada, and Arkansas.

The study reports that LinkedIn is the most popular site for recruiters to post jobs, followed by Twitter. Facebook was a distant third place. A few additional findings from the report:
  • One-fifth of jobs (21%) are posted to all three social networks
  • Another 21 percent of jobs are not posted to any social media site
  • More than one-half (55%) of U.S. jobs are posted to two or more social networks at a time
Social recruiting activity varies by industry. The top types of employers across the U.S. using social media to post job openings include restaurants, advertising firms, nonprofits, those in the fashion industry, and health care.

You can find more details in the Portland Business Journal's article or in the PR Newswire press release.

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