Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun Facts: Earth Day Edition

Each month the Oregon Employment Department publishes Oregon Labor Trends, a short collection of articles about Oregon's economy and labor market. In each edition there is a section called "Fun Facts" which shares fun information related to a major event or holiday that is taking place during the month.

From our April edition, here are a few employment-related fun facts for the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day on April 22:

Green Jobs
The number of green jobs in Oregon in 2010

Green jobs' share of Oregon's Workforce

The average hourly wage of all green jobs in Oregon

Commuting To Work
Share of Oregon's workforce that carpooled or took public transport to work in 2010

22.3 minutes
Oregonians' mean travel time to work in 2010

The share of total energy use that was saved in 2008 from recycling in Oregon

700 pounds
The annual average weight per Portland recycling household in 2006

Number of jobs in Oregon's private sector waste management and remediation services industry in 2010

You can find more of these and other holiday-related employment stats in nearly every edition of Oregon Labor Trends!

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