Friday, March 16, 2012

The Facebook Generation at Work and "He-covery" vs. "She-covery"

We have two national stories for you today. One focuses on the youngest segment of the workforce, while the second examines employment trends by gender.

A recent Chicago Tribune article notes that Millennials -- roughly identified as ages 18 to 29 -- have been nicknamed "The Facebook Generation". A Boston-based branding agency recently released a study of where the Facebook Generation works, according to the employers they list on their own Facebook pages.

Here are a few key findings from the study:
  • Overall, the U.S. Military is the largest identified employer of Millennials
  • Millennials are job-hoppers, averaging only two years at their first job
  • The average Millennial worker has 16 co-workers in his or her friend group on Facebook
LinkMore key findings and a fantastic infographic are available at the Millennial Branding site.

The New York Times Economix blog recently posted numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that suggest the employment fortunes of men and women may be changing. During much of 2010 and 2011 job growth for men in the U.S. outpaced women's, prompting the use of the phrase "he-covery". However, in the last two months, the post notes that employment rose by 83,000 for men, compared with a gain of 192,000 for women.

Why the shift to a "she-covery"? Recent growth in white-collar sectors that employ large numbers of women, and jobs for college graduates (of which women are the majority) are cited as possible explanations. The full post provides additional details.

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