Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Average Weekly Earnings Rising in Oregon

With the economy slowly recovering over the last two years, Oregon workers have seen their average weekly earnings rise. In December 2011, Oregon's private-sector jobs on nonfarm payrolls averaged $753.74 per week. That represents an increase of 6.1 percent from December 2009, when these jobs averaged $710.16 per week.

Some of the gains in weekly earnings can be attributed to an increase in the length of the average workweek. In December 2009, the private-sector workweek averaged 33.0 hours. By December 2011, the workweek increased moderately to 33.8 hours. However, most of the wage gains were due to a rise in average hourly earnings, which rose from $21.52 to $22.30 over the two-year period.So, many workers are working longer hours and getting paid a little more for each hour. These two factors together have resulted in gains in average weekly earnings for private-sector payroll employees.

For more information on average weekly earnings, contact Economist David Cooke.

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