Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Report on Green Jobs in Oregon

Green jobs made up 3 percent of Oregon's combined private, state government, and local government employment in 2010. That's according to the Oregon Employment Department's newly-released report, The Greening of Oregon's Workforce: Jobs, Wages, and Training. Oregon had an estimated total of 43,148 green jobs spread across 4,339 employers.Green jobs can be found in every major industry and occupational group, and in every region of the state, but tend to be concentrated in a few industries and occupations. Over three-fourths of all green jobs can be found in five industries: construction (9,912 green jobs); natural resources and mining (8,014); state and local government (5,738); manufacturing (5,313); and professional and technical services (4,876). Nearly one out of every four green jobs in 2010 was in the construction industry alone. Similarly, 45 percent of all green jobs fall into one of 11 occupations, although employers reported at least one green job in 185 different occupations.

Green jobs paid slightly higher wages than non-green jobs in 2010. The average hourly wage for all green jobs was $23.07, compared with $19.83 for all jobs. Green workers in occupations that required higher levels of education generally earned higher wages. About four-fifths of all green jobsthat required a bachelor's or advanced degree paid at least $25.00 per hour.

Similar to overall employment levels across the state, the largest shares of green jobs were reported in the Portland area (41%) and the Willamette Valley (17%). Southern Oregon accounted for 11 percent of all green jobs, and smaller shares were reported in Central Oregon and the Columbia Gorge, along the coast, and in Eastern Oregon.

For more information on green jobs in Oregon, visit the Green Info page at QualityInfo, check out the full green jobs report, or send questions to me (!

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