Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Report Reveals Intel's Economic Impact and State Timber Harvest Grows

News related to Oregon's semiconductor and logging industries made headlines today.

ECONorthwest released a report that finds about 5.6 percent of Oregon's economic activity in 2009 could be attributed to Intel. The study measures the economic impact of Intel's operations, which includes capital spending, contributions, and tax payments totaling nearly $17.3 billion. This translates to $5.6 billion in personal income, and 89,150 jobs statewide. Get more details on Intel's economic impact in the full report.

Switching from microchips to wood chips, the Oregon Land Board approved a new plan this morning to increase Elliott State Forest's annual harvest. An article in the Oregonian reports that the Elliott State Forest Management Plan will up the forest's harvest area from 1,000 to 1,100 acres, allowing no more than 850 acres for clear cutting. This will add 40 million board feet per year to the area's total harvest, a little more than doubling annual net revenues. Proceeds will be contributed to Oregon's common school fund. Read more about the plan in the full article.

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