Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oregon's Active Lifestyle Fuels an Industry

It may come as no surprise that Oregon ranks 15th in the nation for overall physical health, what with the plethora of cycling, skiing, running, and other sports that keep Oregonians fit. These activities also keep Oregon's economy healthy, providing thousands of jobs in the "other amusement and recreation" industry.

Other amusement and recreation encompasses several subsectors: golf courses and country clubs, skiing facilities, marinas, fitness and recreational sports centers, bowling centers, and all other amusement and recreation industries. These businesses employ many jobs one might immediately think of when talking about exercise, such as: aerobics instructors, sports coaches, and lifeguards. It might have been expected that fitness trainers and aerobics instructors topped the list, but many of the top occupations may come as a surprise (see table below).

The time of year can be a large factor in the employment level of an industry. Overall, the summer months of June to September have the most people employed in other amusement and recreation industries. On average between 2001 and 2010, August had the highest level of employment, while November had the least.

Read more about this industry and its relative importance to Oregon in the full article, written by Workforce Analyst Andrew Crollard (,

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