Friday, May 13, 2011

Old, young, and interns in the (national) news

In my free time I do some volunteer work with teenagers. I was recently talking to one young man who mentioned he needs to get a job this summer. I asked him where he had applied only to learn that he's not planning to look for a job until school's out, in June. I gave him the same advice as the title of today's first article: Start looking now! While summer job prospects for teens are better this year than the last couple of years, "teens are encouraged to start looking for work early. They again will face stiff competition for part-time and entry-level jobs."

Going to the other end of the age spectrum (seems like it's always one or the other, huh?): Job-related injuries among older workers have increased, according to the CDC (as reported by Businessweek). Part of the reason is that older workers -- who make up a large portion of the labor force -- are getting older and they are delaying retirement. The CDC hopes that employers will make an extra effort to improve safety measures for older workers.

Finally, here's some promising news for interns: According to a recent survey, "Employers recruited more than half their interns for full-time positions last year, the highest rate of intern-to-staff hiring in a decade."

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