Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From the 2010 Census: New population/housing data on Oregon

The decennial Census is a big deal. The survey gathers information on everyone (or nearly everyone) in the United States, and the resulting data has far-reaching effects.

Since it is such a large, important survey, the Census Bureau releases the results gradually, and only after careful review. Just last week we got access to "Oregon's Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010". I admit that the title doesn't send a thrill through the soul, but there is some great info to be found in the new info. For instance, in 2010...

The median age in Oregon was 38 years old.
Among the state's occupied housing units, 62% were owned and the remaining 38% rented.
The average household had 2.5 people. (In my house, I'm not sure if the cats count as our extra 1/2 a person or if it's the baby on the way, but I like to pretend that our occupants add up to 2.5, making us totally average.)

If you'd like to know about Oregon's population by age, gender, race, or more detailed housing characteristics, you can check out the data from the Census Bureau.

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