Tuesday, March 29, 2011

News bits from the ag sector

"What if you could wrap your house in a warm wool sweater?"
One Oregon company wants to do just that. After spending nearly a decade researching alternative uses for their sheep herds’ wool, the Oregon Shepherd company started marketing blown-in natural wool insulation to the green building industry last year.

"The research started in 2003. After selling wool-filled pet beds and experimenting with stormwater treatment filters, the company began researching the use of wool for home insulation." Now the company, which employs seven, has developed a loose-fill insulation made from natural wool.

Stephen Aiguier, founder of Portland-based building company Green Hammer, signed on as a vendor of the insulation last year. So far, he's used it in four houses. Aiguier said the wool is a better choice, especially for chemically sensitive or asthmatic customers. The wool insulation creates no dust and makes for better air quality.

Read more in the full article from Sustainable Business Oregon.

While we're on the topic of agriculture...
Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax records serve as the most comprehensive source of employment data for the Oregon Employment Department. Since only a small portion of the state's agriculture industry is subject to the UI tax, each year the Oregon Employment Department creates a separate estimate of agriculture employment.

We recently released the statewide, metropolitan area, and county agricultural employment estimates for 2010. A few highlights:
  • Oregon's annual average agricultural employment totaled 53,230 in 2010
  • Agricultural employment peaked in July at 74,130
  • Oregon's non-metro counties accounted for 45 percent of average annual agricultural employment
Get more details in the full tables!

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