Monday, February 7, 2011

In the News: Layoffs -- training to avoid them, how to handle paychecks, and...

If you're a business owner in rural Oregon, here's an opportunity to boost the skills of your employees: the federal government recently awarded funds for worker training to the Oregon Workforce Alliance. There's more than $600,000 available to businesses! Interested companies should apply by February 28th (see First priority for the funds will go to businesses that can avoid a layoff by increasing workers' skills.

More d
etails are available in last week's Daily Astorian article.

Since we're addressing Oregon employers and we mentioned layoffs, here's a useful bit of info: An article in Saturday's Statesman Journal answers questions about issuing final paychecks to employees. It clarifies both employer and employee responsibilities, including when the check must be issued and how it can be delivered to the employee.

And not to be depressing, but since we're talking about layoffs: The current draft of the state budget would lead to layoffs at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn (see yesterday's article in the Woodburn Independent). Actually, whatever happens, the final state budget for the next biennium (2011-2013) will undoubtedly lead to layoffs in state government employment. It's too soon to say exactly which agencies and how many jobs, but lingering effects of the Great Recession include decreased tax receipts, and the government will cut back in response.

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