Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Social Assistance: An industry and an occupation

The January 2011 edition of our monthly Oregon Labor Trends publication featured two articles on social assistance -- one article on the social assistance industry, and one article on social workers. Here are some quick facts about this important pair:

The industry (social assistance)
• Employed more than 48,000 Oregonians (as of June 2010),
• with 62% of the workers in the private sector and 38% in the public sector
• Contributed more than $1 billion in payroll
• Three in every four workers is female; most of the workers (87%) are age 25+

• Most of the workers (61%) help children and youth, elderly people, and/or the disabled
• Workers also provide help with food, housing, counseling, emergency assistance, and more

What kind of education and skills are needed to work in this industry? Is there a lot of demand for child care, food, or emergency assistance? Find out more in the full article!

The occupation (social workers)
• The majority of Oregon's 6,300 social workers are public employees
• This field of work is growing faster than the statewide average
• Workers "assess needs and help people connect with support programs"
• Most positions require at least a bachelor's degree

In the full article you can learn more about the different types of social workers and their day-to-day responsibilities.

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