Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oregon’s Green Transportation Sector

The green transportation sector, as defined by the Oregon Green Jobs Council, includes firms involved in researching and producing electric vehicles, fuel cells, and advanced batteries; providing mass transit; or conducting emissions controls and other tests. Firms were identified using on-line lists and registries. There are 57 public- and private-sector entities in Oregon.

Employment Trends
Ninety percent of workers in the green transportation sector are employed at firms with 100 employees or more (Table 1). Compared with total employment in Oregon, the distribution of jobs within the green transportation sector is sharply skewed toward large establishments. Roughly 43 percent of Oregon’s total employment is at firms with less than 100 employees.

Wage Trends
Compared with all Oregon workers, a slightly larger share of green transportation workers earned high wages in the fourth quarter of 2009. Within the sector roughly 35 percent of employees earned at least $30 per hour, compared with 22 percent for all employees. The median hourly wage for the green transportation sector was $26.51 while the median wage for all employees was $16.84.

Recessionary Impacts?
Employment in the green transportation sector outperformed the economy as a whole during the five-year period from the fourth quarter of 2004 to the fourth quarter of 2009. Compared with the rest of the economy, the sector experienced increases in employment during the one-year period ending in the fourth quarter of 2009. However, from 2008 to 2009, average wages decreased slightly compared with an increase in the economy as a whole. This may indicate the sector is relatively steady compared with other sectors, and was likely not as affected by the recent recessionary cycle as other industries.

Even more details about the green transportation sector are available in the full article, written by Green Jobs Analyst Erica Garavatti.

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