Monday, December 13, 2010

Mix of News -- Local, state, national... and going global.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of the title of today's first news piece: "Kick in the pants starts volunteer avalanche".

But I gave it a chance, and discovered a story that was interesting, heart-warming, and employment related. (Score!) It's about an unemployed man in Portland who started looking for volunteer opportunities, found other wannabe volunteers, and developed a website to coordinate the needy and the willing. Though the website started by matching up folks in the Portland area, the story has gone national, and suddenly the website is helping people around the globe! Like I said, it was a story that touched my heart... so I highly recommend!

The Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit is hosting meetings around the state for interested business leaders, politicians, and citizens. They recently held a conference on business and industry changes in the Willamette Valley. Check out an article from this morning's Portland Business Journal for more info.

In selecting today's stories, I initially decided to ignore one about employment among the 55+ age group. But then I thought it might be a bit age-biased of me. Just because I focus on the employment statistics for Gen Y doesn't mean anyone else cares! So here's some stats for the older half of the baby-boomers: "Over 55 and unemployed? Finally a bit of good news".

Last and perhaps best of all (because it's news about us!): We just released a new report about the hiring expectations among Oregon's employers. You can get a brief summary from The Statesman Journal, or check out our press release for more of the details. A few key points...

- One in three private-sector employers in Oregon is expecting to hire workers over the next six months (including those expecting to replace workers and those who plan to add new workers)

- A large majority (62%) do not plan to change the size of their workforce

- The most common reasons employers gave for not hiring were related to the poor
economic conditions

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