Monday, December 20, 2010

Local (un)employment data and Fast Facts

This morning we released the November employment and unemployment data for Oregon's 36 counties. Employment data, including the number of workers in each local industry, is available at You can get the unemployment data at

For the 24th month in a row, Crook County had the highest unemployment rate in the state (19.2%). Gilliam County had the lowest rate (6.7%), as it has for the last six months.

By county:

We also published the latest edition of Fast Facts. This publication shows some of Oregon's latest employment stats and how we compare to the nation. A couple of interesting points from December's edition:

• State unemployment rates ranged from 3.8 percent (North Dakota) to 14.3 percent (Nevada) in November. Oregon ranked 6th nationwide.

• The information sector in Oregon continues to show strong employment growth; in November it outpaced the information industry in every other state for the fourth consecutive month.

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