Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New "Green Jobs" Section on

Gail and I spent the day on an interview panel, searching for the best candidate to fill a limited duration position. The new hire will be the "Green Jobs Research Analyst" and work with Charlie Johnson. (You may remember Charlie from his early work on this blog. He's still listed as one of the authors, and he will soon start providing regular "green jobs" blog posts.)

Anyway, today's efforts got us in a Green mood, and we want to share! One thing in particular came to mind:

There's a new section of our main website ( which is dedicated to our green jobs grant: There are several helpful links on the new section, as well as a growing list of articles and publications. Charlie produces new information for the /green section on a regular basis. We encourage you to take a look, and check back frequently.

Charlie is currently on vacation, so if this post has stirred any "green jobs" questions or comments, I am your go-to gal until August 6th (2010). My contact info: Brooke Jackson,, (503) 947-1263. After August 6th, please direct your questions to Charlie (, (503) 947-1210).

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