Monday, July 19, 2010

County employment, unemployment in June

Just released: June 2010 employment and unemployment data by county in Oregon.

Benton and Gilliam counties often "compete" for the rank of lowest unemployment rate. This month they were tied at 7.0 percent.

Also in June: Crook County had the highest rate (16.5%), followed by Harney County (15.4%) . Crook County's rate has been the highest for most of the year. In June of 2009, Crook's rate was 21.6 percent, while the second-highest rate was 17.3 percent (in Harney County). Crook's rate has thus dropped more than five percentage points over the year -- a decrease larger than any other county.

Here's an informative map:

You can get a table of the unemployment rate by county at (

Data on employment by county and industry is also available on QI(

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