Monday, April 26, 2010

Local news: Volunteering, building, and logging

The roundup of local business and employment news from last week has several interesting articles:

"On the Job Volunteer" tells us about Christa Summers and her experience with the JOBS Plus program, which pays her to volunteer full time and therefore gain the experience and skills she needs to land a job.

Several news sources reported on a meeting last week in Lakeview about a proposed LNG pipeline, which will run from Wyoming to Malin. While the pipeline has not been fully approved, the contractors expect to have the final details hammered out and begin work in June of this year -- work which will necessitate the hiring of local workers. You can read more about it in this Herald and News article.

We've shared news stories in the last few months about the data center Facebook plans to build in Prineville. Last week the Register-Guard article "Tarnished Green?" discussed some of the social concerns surrounding the new building. (Note that we are neither agreeing nor disagreeing with any of the opinions expressed herein. We are share it only as a continuation of other articles on the same topic.)

Finally, the Oregonian relayed a bit of news from the Oregon Board of Forestry: They've "opened 600,000 acres of state forests" in Clatsop and Tillamook counties to logging. Reactions to the news were mixed. (

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