Monday, April 12, 2010

Local Business News

This bit of news was big in the press recently: Drugmaker Genentech opened a plant in Hillsboro last week. Currently the new facility is only involved in the manufacturing aspect of Genentech's operations, but it's possible that the company will someday expand the Hillsboro facility. They might add jobs in research and development, for instance. You can read more about this new business in last weeks' Oregonian article (

"Portland ranks as the 26th most expensive destination for business travelers among 100 U.S. cities in a report by Business Travel News." The report looks at several aspects of the cost of travel, including food and lodging. More details available in a recent Portland Business Journal article. (

This Statesman Journal article tells the story of John Gimby, an Oregonian and a war veteran who recently launched his own business. John had help from several veteran's service programs -- programs available to veterans all over the state! (

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