Tuesday, March 9, 2010

County (Un)Employment in January

Oregon's county-level (un)employment data for January was released this morning. Here are some highlights from the latest numbers (which you can also find online at

Unemployment Rates (UR)
Highest: Crook County (15.9%)
Lowest: Benton and Gilliam counties (7.4%)

Largest drop over the month: Crook (it was 17.8% in December)
Largest gain over the month: Wheeler County (from 9.1% in Dec to 10.7% in Jan)

Rate for metro areas:
Bend: 13.4%
Corvallis: 7.4%
Eugene: 10.8%
Medford: 11.6%
Portland: 10.9%
Salem: 10.2%

A Map of Rates:
Additional Sources for Info:
- Current and historical unemployment rates for all Oregon counties:
- Employment data by county and industry:

- All unemployment rates are seasonally adjusted
- Metro areas include one or more counties
- January data will be updated when February's data is released on 3/23/10

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