Monday, October 12, 2009

Oregon's unemployment rate dropped despite continued employment losses

Oregon's unemployment rate dropped from 12.0 percent in August to 11.5 percent in September. This is down from a high of 12.2 percent in May and the lowest rate since February (when it was 10.7 percent). A year ago the rate was 6.8 percent.

The seasonally adjusted number of unemployed individuals in Oregon declined 11,080 over the month. Employment also dropped in September, by 10,300 jobs. This follows a loss of 7,400 jobs in August. The state has lost more than 104,000 jobs since September of last year.

Industry Overview
Four industries saw losses of more than 1,000 jobs in September: government (-4,400); trade, transportation, and utilities (-3,900); educational and health services (‑1,900); and leisure and hospitality (-1,300).

Two major industries posted gains: professional and business service (+2,200) and construction (+1,000).

More details in the full press release.

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