Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Gratifying Challenge – Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales

Do you enjoy talking with people? How about traveling and learning about others' businesses? If so, you may make a good sales representative for a manufacturing or wholesale trade company.

Wholesale and manufacturing sales reps are as varied a group as the products they sell. Many sales reps have classroom and conference training in sales, but many more get to know the business from the ground up before going into sales later in their careers.

In total, Oregon had over 22,000 wholesale and manufacturing sales reps in 2006. These workers are split into two categories: those who work with technical and scientific products, and those who don't. The median hourly wage in 2009 for those selling scientific or technical products was $39.23; the sales reps focused on all other products had a 2009 median of $24.53.

Expected growth rates between 2006 and 2016 are 12.9 percent for the technical and scientific reps and 11.4 percent for those dealing with all other products. That growth is slower than the 14.1 percent rate expected across the economy as a whole.

There is no particular level or type of education that would make landing a sales job a snap. In this dynamic, highly interpersonal field, it is an individual's skills that will be the root of his or her success in the job market - including the ability and desire to work with and persuade people, and solid presentation and communication skills.

To learn more about wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, read the full article written by Economist Jessica Nelson.

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