Monday, July 13, 2009

Oregon's Unemployment Rate Steady in June

Oregon's employment data for June was released today. It shows that the unemployment rate was 12.2 percent in June, which is the same as the revised rate in May. The rate is still substaintially higher than one year ago (June 2008: 5.9%).

Total employment declined by 7,200 in June, following a loss of 1,600 in May (seasonally adjusted).

Info about the employmenet changes by industry is available in this month's press release.


ProtingentDan said...

I'm trying to find specific unemployment information for engineers locally. I want to find out what skill sets have been most affected. Do you have any info or a link to it?


Brooke Jackson-Winegardner said...

Hi Dan!

Thanks for your question.

If I understand correctly, you're trying to find out how the skills of local engineers have been affected by the current recession, correct?

If so, I'm afraid we don't have this kind of information. I can guide you to some other information on local engineers, however.... just check out today's (8/3/09) forthcoming blog post!

- Brooke