Thursday, July 2, 2009

National Unemployment Rate Unchanged in June

National data on June's employment and unemployment was released today. It shows that the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged from May (9.4%) to June (9.5%). Total employment, however, dropped about 467,000. The losses were spread across most industries, with manufacturing sustaining some of the largest losses.

Since the start of the recession more than 18 months ago, the number of unemployed people has nearly doubled, from 7.5 million in December 2007 to 14.7 million in June 2009. Just a reminder: These 14.7 million unemployed people are individuals who are "actively looking for work". It is not the same as the number of people on unemployment insurance.

Full details of June's national employment situation are available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Also: Oregon's employment data for June will be available on Monday, July 13th. At 11am, there will be a live video of the press release on our main website ( Shortly thereafter the video will also be available here, on the blog. Stay tuned!

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