Monday, May 11, 2009

What’s To Come on the Blog?

Here are some things to look for on the blog this month:

- Wednesday: Find out how much new hires in Oregon’s “healthiest” industry earn
- Thursday: Peruse highlights from the latest Around the State
- Friday: Wondering where Oregon’s economy is headed? Check out our rundown from State Economist Tom Potiowsky’s new forecast.

- Monday 5/18: April’s statewide employment data (including the unemployment rate) become available, and economist Art Ayre will present it for us.
- 5/19 through 5/22: More great articles and news stories

- Monday 5/26: It's Memorial Day! We’re not posting anything!
- Tuesday 5/27: Local employment data are released. Find out the unemployment rate (and more) for your area of the state.
- Wednesday 5/28: Check out Fast Facts; see how Oregon’s employment situation stacked up against other states in April.

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Like the blog. But my favorite website is still